This blog site came out as my project of randomly interviewing my patients and getting their stories. I found that all of these ordinary people have extraordinary stories to tell and for me to listen. Today’s malady often is the end result of a story that happened in the remote past. But most of all, every one has a story to tell if you listen carefully and healing lies in the storytelling and story listening. These stories prove no one is human, but all humans are Super Humans!

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Image captured in 2015 captures the spirit and essence of Abdullah's soul

Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend..

Never did I ever know silence, quietness and peacefulness as Abdullah demonstrates in his deathbed could be so painful, ….

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American Dream: Made In USA, Used Clothes and Abraham Lincoln

In 1971 as America entered its second decade of the Vietnam War and American families  were entertained by Archie Bunker and “All in the Family” …

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Hajj, Pilgrimage to Mecca

Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca

The year of 1973, I was a 7th grader. Ours was a school nestled in the hilly district of remote Bangladesh. Our class rooms were …

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The Boy Who Stole His Mom’s Money

The school house was high up on a flattened mountain top clearing of Chittagong Hill Tracts, a district in the farthest corner of Indian subcontinent …

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Prognosis: Excellent

She is a 53 year old female. I am a 55 year old gastroenterologist. I was consulted because she had suspicious tumors in her liver …

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My Patient’s Story Is My Story

I am a healthcare professional, I treat sick patients everyday, death is not uncommon in the practice of my trade. How do I mourn the death …

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Inner Orchestra

Your whole life you have lived healthy. You have eaten healthy and patronized good habits. Your good health and sense of good well being therefore, …

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Father's Day 2016: Imperfect Father, Imperfect Son

Father’s Day 2016: Imperfect Father, Imperfect Son

Father’s Day 2016: Imperfect Father, Imperfect Son A roaring father lion in the plains of Serengeti whose cub only dares to play from a distance, …

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Muhammad Ali and Bangladesh

Muhammad Ali And Bangladesh: Story of Love

The year was 1978. In the month of February, still a mild chill persisted in the sunny mornings. This is the time Muhammad Ali visited …

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Medical Detective: Anemia, Dr. Denton Cooley Busted!

Medical detective: Anemia, Dr. Denton Cooley Busted! It’s real, just listen to the story: Don is 85 year old man, who visited me for finding …

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Story on the Road: If You’re Rude, I Will Kill You with Kindness

Story on the Road: I just got back from a brief visit to Pennsylvania to bring my son home from his college. My flight was at …

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