This blog site came out as my project of randomly interviewing my patients and getting their stories. I found that all of these ordinary people have extraordinary stories to tell and for me to listen. Today’s malady often is the end result of a story that happened in the remote past. But most of all, every one has a story to tell if you listen carefully and healing lies in the storytelling and story listening. These stories prove no one is human, but all humans are Super Humans!

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Image captured in 2015 captures the spirit and essence of Abdullah's soul

Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend..

Never did I ever know silence, quietness and peacefulness as Abdullah demonstrates in his deathbed could be so painful, ….

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my mother

An Orphan’s Mother’s Day

An Orphan’s Mother’s Day, that is my Mother’s Day with my mother is silent, somnolent, serene and solemn. I never take her out to dinner, not …

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Prescription for Doctors, from Patient

“Look at the patient, to listen to the patient, and not be so hastened to write out that prescription and get them out the door”. …

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I Love You Son!: A Kid in the Candy Store

“I just cannot wait to hear from my Dad every Sunday, we talk for hours and hours and the surprising thing is that I always …

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