Looking For My Mother…. Look No Further..

37 years had passed by, but even today my mother continues to inspire me. When I spent the last days with my mother, I was young, excited and, naïve in my mid 20s when I just got the visa to my dreamland, the United States of America.  I was scared to death, still I was so […]

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A Very Short Story Of US FED OR Federal Reserve Banking System

A Very Short Story of US FED or Federal Reserve Banking System Nizam M. Meah, MD This year’s Nobel Prize in economics was issued to three US professionals who specialized on Bank Runs; i.e. when customers are on an economic panic thinking that their bank is about to fail and lose trust in banking system.

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Boro Amma- The Great Mother & Story of Motherhood

Morning of October 1942, Chittagong, British Colonial India  Chittagong was a sleepy, largely agrarian town, still languishing in the backwaters of the British East Indian Colony. As the early winter fog was still hesitantly floating in the air, sudden howling of aerial attack sirens rang out from the nearby British and Allied military barracks. Soon,

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My Story

I am a physician, a gastroenterologist. What I do is take care of the patients who are suffering from Gastrointestinal or digestive problems. Someone might come to be for reflux problems, someone for ulcer pain, and someone for diarrhea or constipation. Or someone might come to me just because they are perfectly healthy and need

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Saying Thank You to Patients

The year was 1990. I was in Detroit, Michigan working as a resident physician in Internal Medicine. Detroit was dilapidated, its old structures were crumbling, boarded up unkempt houses in neighborhoods once humming with life were now empty, desolated, overgrown with weeds. Brick walls of the old houses, once rock-solid were now fragile and cracked,

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Age of TeleMedicine

With the Coronavirus Crisis, we are enduring the modern Plaque of our times. Here in the United States, 30 of the 50 States have declared strict social distancing as of this date of writing. This order stopped all work of outpatient surgical facilities and also stopped the regular patient visits to the doctors’ offices making

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