Nizam M. Meah, M.D

Board Certified in Gastroenterology. Over 20 years of experience in this community; graduated with his medical degree from Chittagong Medical College. He obtained subsequent Post-Doctoral training at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He is a Rotary Foundation Scholar for International Understanding. His three years of Internal Medicine Residency and three years of Gastroenterology Fellowship were completed at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Meah’s research interest was mainly on Colorectal cancers and some of his works have been published in respected medical publications.

A Very Short Story Of US FED OR Federal Reserve Banking System

A Very Short Story of US FED or Federal Reserve Banking System Nizam M. Meah, MD This year’s Nobel Prize in economics was issued to three US professionals who specialized on Bank Runs; i.e. when customers are on an economic panic thinking that their bank is about to fail and lose trust in banking system.

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Boro Amma- The Great Mother & Story of Motherhood

Morning of October 1942, Chittagong, British Colonial India  Chittagong was a sleepy, largely agrarian town, still languishing in the backwaters of the British East Indian Colony. As the early winter fog was still hesitantly floating in the air, sudden howling of aerial attack sirens rang out from the nearby British and Allied military barracks. Soon,

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My Story

I am a physician, a gastroenterologist. What I do is take care of the patients who are suffering from Gastrointestinal or digestive problems. Someone might come to be for reflux problems, someone for ulcer pain, and someone for diarrhea or constipation. Or someone might come to me just because they are perfectly healthy and need

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