Saying Thank You to Patients

The year was 1990. I was in Detroit, Michigan working as a resident physician in Internal Medicine. Detroit was dilapidated, its old structures were crumbling, boarded up unkempt houses in neighborhoods once humming with life were now empty, desolated, overgrown with weeds. Brick walls of the old houses, once rock-solid were now fragile and cracked, […]

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Remote Medicine, How to make it Up-close & Personal

Now that we are in the midst of Covid 19 Virus lockdown, for non-emergent consults and follow ups, telemedicine via chat and video technologies are the only options for physicians and patients. In the absence of direct eye contact, how do I, as a physician, connect to patients? This is a tall order even in

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Age of TeleMedicine

With the Coronavirus Crisis, we are enduring the modern Plaque of our times. Here in the United States, 30 of the 50 States have declared strict social distancing as of this date of writing. This order stopped all work of outpatient surgical facilities and also stopped the regular patient visits to the doctors’ offices making

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Am I Wrong or Am I Right?

Nothing pains me as much or nothing burdens me as much except when I am faced with the decision of putting a FEEDING TUBE device in a human being. One might question: as a gastroenterologist I am trained to do this, I have done lots of them and also it is not that the procedure

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